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Frequently Asked Questions

 How did you think of this idea? 

It was discovered by a woman in an effort to have something to eat with a bottle of wine, without ruining the genuine taste of the wine itself. As wines are paired with foods, she wanted to invent a food that was paired to wine. In doing so, she formulated a recipe that effectively cleansed the palate, and she trademarked the name, la Pátard®.

What is the difference between la Pátard® and a cracker, biscuit or bread? 
la Pátard® produces salivation while cleansing, which in turn resets your palate for the next sip. This new category does not include cracker, biscuit or bread product ingredients that result in “masking” and coating the palate and taste buds. la Pátard® is formulated as a tool to cleanse the palate,

this is its sole purpose. It is not a snack.

Is la Pátard® made in a big processing factory and do you make any

other products?
Our product is an artisan, small batch production from a gluten-free facility that has custom bakery equipment specially made and imported from Germany. This is our only product at this time.

What is the best way to eat la Pátard®? 
For best cleansing results, take a bite of la Pátard®, chew and swallow. 

What are the ingredients?
Gluten-free, dairy-free,egg-free, nut-free blend, organic vegetable shortening, sugar, proprietary wine blend, and bicarbonate of soda

What is the shelf life of the resealable bag? 
At least six months before opening.

Do you offer a consumer package for home use?
Yes! We have a .5 oz and a 3oz package that is sold retail at venues that serve la Pátard®

How does it actually cleanse the palate?
This is a proprietary formula and process that was in the making for the better part of a decade.

The wafer product creates a high level of salivation and changes in the chemistry of the tongue and palate, leaving the palate cleansed.

It is truly special!

Is it only for Wine? 

Showing great versatility, la Pátard has also proven effective during tastings of olive oils, coffee, cheese, spirits and craft beer. la Pátard® tastes pleasant and eliminates the residual flavors in your mouth. Incredibly, flavors such as Garlic, Cheeses, Curries, and BBQ will disappear in moments!

la Pátard® is designed for connoisseurs and novice tasters alike to cleanse the palate and enhance the enjoyment of all eating and drinking experiences.