Find the la Pátard® at one of these events!

Trade Shows, Seminars, Classes, and Tastings

March 8 - 10 / Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition / LA, CA

March 11 / Splendor in the Glass / Las Vegas, NV

April 24 - 27 / New York International Olive Oil Competition / New York, NY

May 6 / Wine Spectator's Grand Tour / Las Vegas, NV 
May 9 / 
Wine Spectator's Grand Tour / Chicago, IL
May 12 / 
Wine Spectator's Grand Tour / Miami, FL

July 14 / Festival Napa Valley / Napa, CA

July 14 / Napa Valley Wine Auction / St. Helena, CA

July 23 - 26 / Steamboat Pinot Noir Conference / Idleyld Park, OR (Steamboat Inn)

July 27 - 30 / International Pinot Noir Celebration / McMinnville, OR

​October 19 - 21 / Wine Spectator's New York Wine Experience / New York, NY

All tasting events incorporate some type of product, usually a cracker, that

is intended to prepare the palate for the next taste. These alternatives do

not effectively cleanse the palate; instead they mask flavors or provide a rinsing effect.

la Pátard®creates a high level of salivation and changes in the chemistry of the tongue and palate, leaving the palate cleansed. This cleansing results in the palate being neutralized and the next tasting experience to

be true.

Request the la Pátard® at your next tasting event.

la Pátard® satisfies the need for an effective palate cleanser for food and beverage tasting companies and events.

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