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la Pátard® satisfies the need for an effective palate cleanser for food and beverage tasting companies and events.

La Pátard Corporation is a group of experienced, creative entrepreneurs in the food and design industry. The company has been launched and initially run by Hazel B. Juliani, Founder, CEO and President, focused industry professionals, a small administrative team, and a robust group of advisors.

Hazel Juliani, Founder, President, CEO

Greg Gauthier, Chief Operating Officer

​​Peter Dragone, Director of Finance

Steve Swinford, ​Director of Sales

Senspoint Design, ​Marketing


The Story

La Pátard Corporation emerged from Hazel B. Juliani's original company, Hazel B Baking, LLC. The initial business developed complimentary cookies to enhance the tasting experience, especially wine. Relentlessly, Hazel continued to refine her unique patent-pending Wine Tasting Cookie® recipe. As she experimented with various recipes, she discovered one version that acted as an effective palate cleanser. This cleansing resulted in the palate being neutralized and the next tasting experience to

be true.

After months of research and development, Hazel perfected the universal palate cleansing product, the la Pátard®. Ingeniously, finding a niche in the market, she has formulated a palate cleansing product that neutralizes the palate of flavors, and

in doing so increases the accuracy of any “tasting” event.